Kenya Honey

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Our honey farm is in Baringo County in Rift valley North west of Nairobi, Our Honey production is in both traditional and improved hives. The local vegetation varies from farmed crops, fruit to Acacia trees producing a light to dark brown, rich honey. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away from our honey, it is pure. As demand increases we are looking at working with other local smallholder farmers within. Beekeeping has been traditionally practiced in Kenya, but farmers are constrained by limited production, outdated and unsustainable bee husbandry systems and poor access to markets. We are also introducing improved beehives within our farms and will provide training for farmers in apiculture to ensure strict quality control and traceability to provide a quality product to Kenyan and the European Market consum.

Region:Baringo (Rift Valley)
Heimische Honigbienenarten:Ostafrikanische Hochlandbiene
“Biene” in der Landessprache:nyuki
“Honig” in der Landessprache:asali
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…Not just any coffee…
Kontakt Details
…Not just any coffee…
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