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Unlike fair trade, direct trade does not have its own seal or label. But this does not have to be a disadvantage. Because so all investments flow directly into social and ecological projects and not in complex and costly certification processes. Direct Trade also includes a bundle of social and economic measures such as training, coaching, financing and support projects. In this way, knowledge is built up for quality assurance and the continuous improvement of cultivation methods is made possible. The trade chain should remain transparent from the producer to the consumer to ensure that a fair share of the sales price also reaches the people who grow and harvest the coffee for us in laborious and careful manual work.

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General Description:
Guama Coffee Factory is located in the west of Kirinyaga County in Kenya and is a member of the Baragwi Cooperative. Established in 1974, the factory plays a vital role in providing around 3,500 employees and smallholder farmers with an average of 86 coffee trees each. The region where Guama Coffee Factory is located ,is known for its soft body and dynamic acidity, characteristics that make Kenyan coffees special unique and sought after.

The Baragwi Cooperative Society, with over 16,892 registered members, consists of 12 Wet mills, including Guama factory.
They offer their members the best prices and at the same time ensure the healthy prosperity of the cooperative.
The Guama factory, named after the local village, processes about 750 tons of cherries. The coffee varieties grown mainly by small farmers in the area are SL34 and SL28.
Known for their exceptional cup quality. The volcanic sandy soil of the region and the altitude range from 1,700 to 1,800 meters above sea level contribute to favorable conditions for coffee cultivation.
During the flowering period from February to April, the coffee trees in the Guama region blossom and set the climax stage for the main harvest, which takes place from October to December. The cherries are carefully carefully sorted by hand by the farmers to remove any unripe or overripe cherries before they are they are processed.Coffee processing at the Guama Factory uses the "Fully Washed" process. Cherries are crushed with a disc pulpers, and the parchment coffee is graded by density. Grade 1 and grade 2 coffees are treated separately Fermentation process , which last 16-24 hours in closed shade. After fermentation the coffees are ready to be washed, again sorted by density and soaked for 16-18 hours in clean soaked in clean water from the Kaboyo River.

The sun-drying process takes place on African drying beds and lasts up to 21 days. Plastic covers are used during midday and night time to protect the coffee from adverse weather conditions.

Guama Coffee Factory's commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in its certifications, including In summary, Guama Coffee Factory, which was established in 1974 and is a member of the Baragwi Cooperative Society, is located in western Kirinyaga County in Kenya. With A focus on quality serves the factory.

Smallholders in the region and specializes in processing SL34 and SL28 coffees that their coffee meets international standards and at the same time supports the Socio-economic well-being.
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